Understanding The NPCoin Ecosystem

Posted by Admin | 2018-03-22 16:20:10

First, we get miners and minters on board. Miners are the primary consumers of goods paid with NPCoin while minters will produce more NPCoin by staking it using the minting processors. Finally, miners and minters spend NPCoin on fiat money, which leads us to the second big entity group - traders. Next, we have traders. Traders regulate the cycle between NPCoin and fiat, while trying to feel the pulse of the price in order to profit from it. Mostly, they gather and eat in big ponds called exchanges, or they roam sparse communities of consumers as independent brokers, selling or buying NPCoin at a markup. Then it give birth to a lot of merchants. Merchants need traders in order to get the fiat needed to survive. The magic of NPCoin is that all roles are interrelated yet independence, one individual can be a miner or minters, trader and merchant by himself in the complete cycle, or he can just hold a single role in the ecosystem. Yet these roles hold an intricate relationship that determines price. For instance, when a big merchant adopts NPCoin as a form of payment, the demand will increase and thus price appreciate. NPCoin is a decentralised cryptocurrencies that adopt the concept of demand and supply. We are currently developing NPCoin Store to attract more business entity to our peer community with ready peer members of 30,000. We also have the hoarders. Hoarders believe that one magical day, each NPCoin is going to be worth hundred or thousands dollar, and they cling to them in greed, postponing a current meal for a future feast. Since there is a limited amount of NPCoin (max 150 million only), this makes sense. Two questions remained: Time and quantity. After all, asset holding is determined by holding power in time and quantities in hand. Currently at $1.92/NPC, the NPCoin market capitalization is about 4.12 million US dollars. Finally we have consumers Consumers simply spend coins to buy goods or services. Whether they acquired them through mining or trading is another matter. We are seeing rising demands from remittance markets joining this ecosystem. NPCoin is easily exchangeable and liquid to their local fiat currencies. With the enlargement of market size, NPCoin price will definitely increase and valued appreciated. #npcoin #npc #crypto #cryptocurrency #utilitycoin #cryptoexchange #digital #onlinemall #paymentgateway