NPC Wallet - Android Version

Posted by Admin | 2018-03-22 16:22:56

NPCWallet Apps is the mobile application version identical to npcwallet dot com website. NPCWallet objective is to provide smooth and efficient application to enable optimum usage for NPCoin peer members. At present, NPCWallet is opened for Send and Receive transactions for NPCoin only. Usage for Bitcoin and other altcoins shall be updated from time to time. Besides Send/Receive function, NPCWallet also maintain and display all historical transaction records. =========================================== How to Activate NPCWallet: 1. Register for NPCWallet account at web npcwallet dot com 2. Please go through the verification process, and login to your NPCWallet account in website, once all verification succeeded. 3. After login, please click “Pairing QR Code” icon at the Left menu bar, to Obtain your Pairing QR Code for your NPCWallet Apps. 4. Download and Open NPCWallet Apps and kindly Scan the displayed QR Code on Web. 5. You shall be directed to page of setting LOGIN PIN. LOGIN PIN is to simplify the login process in future, so that user do not have to enter the email and password again every time they login. 6. Upon successful creation of your LOGIN PIN, you will be landed at the Login page of NPCWallet Apps. 7. Please enter your LOGIN PIN and congratulation, you have completed with your NPCWallet activation. ============================================= Kindly note that NPCWallet Apps and NPCWallet Web usage is strictly limited to One User ID for One Device only at anytime. Please ensure that you have successfully logout every time after usage to protect your interest. Features: 1. View current NPCoin balance 2. Send NPCoin to address 3. Generate QR Code to receive NPCoin 4. View all transactions history