System Hard Fork

Posted by Admin | 2018-03-29 13:03:48

Dear Valued NPCoin Community, Kindly be informed that NPCoin will be undergone a hard fork system upgrade to CryptoNote technology. The purpose of the fork is to enhance the overall system transparency, security and decentralization. After the fork, there will be changes on the following: - 1. Available Supply of NPCoin will be comprising from 2 components, i.e. Circulating Supply and Submitted to Block Supply to enhance the transparency of the coins distribution. - Circulating Supply => NPCoin that is ready to transact among peers - Submitted to Block Supply => NPCoin that used as seeding coin submitted to Minting Block, and will be withhold till is matured from the minting block 2. Transaction Verification Process All NPCoins transaction will be verified and confirmed by network, a transaction fee of 0.005 NPCoin per transaction will be imposed. 3. The coiner ID will be hashed into string address to enhance privacy of the coin owner and to increase security. The fork is scheduled to commence on 1st April 2018 at 00:00hrs system time and is estimated to complete by 9th April 2018. The core team shall strive to complete the fork as soon and to resume earlier. During the fork, all coin transactions will be disabled to run audit and verification. Only, NearPlus mobile application and NearPay transaction are in operation. We would like to apologies on all inconveniences caused during the fork exercise and we wish to thank all Peer members on the patient and continuous support. Thank you and best regards, NPCoin Core Team