NPCoin (NPC) Is A Utility Cryptocurrency

There are thousands of altcoins, and NPC is one of it. NPC is created to be an utility coin for daily usage, especially for Asean Regions.

What is NPC for

Enjoy the good Together

Excited fun place to shop, save and even sell your products by using NPCoin as the payment tool. Your gateway to reach our 30,000 ready peer community market worldwide. Grab this golden opportunity to be listed here to enhance your revenue and benefits. As an user, you can shop for merchandise, pay utilities bill, as well as reload your telco using NPCoin, by just Scan & Pay. Is simple and hazzle free. You can also enjoy discounted rate for your utilities expenses via Our Super Saving Utility Program (SSUP).

NPCoin Services

Here is the NPCoin services that you needed for buying, trading and managing your coin.

This is the PROCESSOR that produce NPCoin. To get this processor, you need to first enrols to be a member of NearPlus community by subscribing a package and gain access.After becoming a peer member, besides enjoying the full functions of NearPlus facilities, a genesis block will be allocated to start minting. More coins can be generated through minting and mining processes.



NPchains is an blockchain explorer or a decentralized database system for NPCoin. It is a big ledgers that store NPCoin’s transaction data and distributed across many nodes.



Web Wallet for NPCoin with user friendly design and no synch-process. Anybody can create an account of NPC Wallet even they are not a Nearplus member yet.


Asset Details

The total number of NPCoin is finite top reserve its precious value and benefits.The asset details of NPCoinis as follows:-

Coin Name: NPCoin

Ticker: NPC

Total Supply: 150,000,000

Coin Distribution: Eco-Minting

Project -30% Use Case Partners-55% Overhead,Marketing and Crypto Project Stability-15%

Category: Platform,Cryptocurrency

Management Team

NPCoin cryptop roject is managed by IT Transfer Sdn Bhd.IT Transfer is a project consultancy firm and project development are done by contractors.The top management details of IT Transfer are as follows:-

Mr, Edward Tan


Founder of NPCoin project and incharge for direction and coordination work.Task as Chief Executive Officer to over see the overall project.

Mr, Adi Hasarli


Chief Operating Officer oversees the day to day operations,strategies implementation,coordination and task accomplishment towards fulfillmen of organization vision and mission.

Ms, Lim WL


Carry out the work behind the scenes as Head of Finance and devise a strategy for the future of the NPCoin Project.

Market Capital