Wallet4U Staking Contest Result

All Contest Staking Amount : 1,845,693 NPC ☞ G.Prize: 200,000 NPC HqneDaNJoUtbf51huwCjEV7pUvAQCXzyS7Reward 30,000 NPC ☞ 1st Place: 150,000 NPC HkJc33kwp1VuQPR23fA4Pr1qJZFTVas6apReward 15,000 NPC ☞ 2nd Place: 70000 NPC Ht2rrw1AmQ4e4ELegoEjiyZEtb5ep8kwk4Reward 10,000 NPC ☞ 3rd Place: 65,578 NPC Hk8HPRFFqDhhQ9Y1xaeJdMr9Lx6cgxZCNaReward 7,000 NPC ☞ 4th Place: 50,000 NPC HdRcMGNSMH1C7XSW4MZTciqohXHiZqCV8vReward 5,000 NPC ☞ 5th Place: 31,990 NPC Hbq1wYnbDSHUM3PbdGWRbDMF7wuYww3thtReward 3,000 NPC ☞…
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NPCoin – Soft Launch of NPpay & NP Academy

Located at the MTree Puchong Hotel on January 12, 40 CryptoPrenuers were invited to attend the event organized by NPCoin Founder himself, Mr. Edward Tan. During the ceremony, Mr Edward presented the NPpay payment service and also presented the NP Academy plan to distribute NPCoin information worldwide. Start Near, Grow Global. 2020, NPCoin ready to…
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Staking Event Extension Announcement!

Greetings NPcoin Community! We will extend the contest to 31 Dec 2019 3 in 1 Contest ! Total prize is 250,000 NPCoin Contest Category : 1 – FREE AIRDROP for every new staking account. (any staking duration) 2 – Highest Personal Staking 3 – Top Referral For Active Staking (Contest 2 & 3 : Minimum…
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Hi all NPCoin holders and crypto lovers, On behalf of NPCoin Team, we apologized that recently we have been less active on social media, Twitter and Telegram.We did not forget and ignore you all. We are working for the next step of NPCoin development. In the very near future, we will list on another new…
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Good Day for NPCoin

Circulating Supply and Marketcap for NPCoin is now appear at Coinmarketcap . Yesterday rank 2225This morning rank 916Now rank 849

NPCoin Airdrop Campaign

NPCoin would like to say Thank You to all participants that had joined our Phase 1 Airdrop campaign in the past 24hours. The response was overwhelming and absolutely amazing. You all have give us extra courage and strenght to deliver the best. Kindly be informed that the 100,000 NPCoin Airdrop for social media campaign is…
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Finally, NPCoin is listed on @Coinmarketcap! Thanks to all who have been with NPCoin from the beginning until now. This is not the end of our goal, but it is a new beginning. Congratulations to NPCoin! Bravos to NPCoin hodlers! Not to forget, thank you to Coinmarketcap Team for the effort in reviewing and listing…
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NPCoin’s Creator meet up with NPCoin’s Lovers from Borneo Island and Indonesia at ITSB HQ in Puchong, Kuala Lumpur. The bear market can be brutal to the eternal optimist hodler. Its a massive pullback, skimming to bottom. But NPCoin is not dying. Pre-CMC listing, we hope and we believe, this shall pass.


Ecosystems are getting bigger and majority are from South East Asia regions.  Every development requires time to become complete and perfect. For 2019, besides completing all infrastructure, NPCoin’s goal is to enlarge the market to as much as possible. You Start, I Start, We Start Near, Grow Global !


Now NPCoin have 1 more Exchange Market available to trade with Btc, that’s Escodex exchange.https://wallet.escodex.com/market/ESCODEX.NPCOIN_ESCODEX.btc